They are friendly, prompt and super helpful. It’s nice having a neighborhood pharmacy close by.

Customer for 6+ months

Great pharmacy! I love that I can trust and depend on them. Thank goodness for them.

Customer for 5+ years

I use the pharmacy for personal reasons, as well as professional…The staff will go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for…I cannot say enough about the pharmacy staff…[they] are courteous and prompt when I pick up my prescriptions. Pharmacist Mark is very friendly and personable. I always feel comfortable speaking with him. There has been at least one occasion in the past year that the staff spent time after hours to help me with a prescription nightmare. What a blessing they are to me and our community. I am very proud to call Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy my Pharmacy and love shopping and getting my prescriptions there.

Customer for 20+ years

My 88-year-old father used to get his prescriptions out of town, thinking he could save a buck. It always irked him that no one there knew his name. After switching over to Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy, not only did they remember his name but, I believe, they saved his life. He was on several medications following a surgery and the pharmacist noticed that one of the newly prescribed medications would have a dangerous interaction with another mediation he was taking. Thank you Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy!

Customer for 2+ years

It is wonderful to have a pharmacy that has employees who are always willing to go the extra mile. 1 – They have called me at home to let me know that the doctor’s office had called with a prescription that was needed badly. 2 – They are always willing to help find items in pharmacy in a hurry! 3 – They will help me make a decision on what product to buy.

Customer for 5+ years

We have utilized Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy for 19 years. We have been so pleased with the personal and quick service we receive. Our prescriptions are always processed in a timely manner. The pharmacy staff have gone out of their way through the years to sort out complicated insurance billing issues. They have truly gone above and beyond to help. Each and every staff member is friendly and helpful whether we need help picking out a cold medicine or a greeting card. I can’t say enough good things about Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy.

Customer for 19+ years

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy. The Home Medical Equipment department is extensive, and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Dr. TS
Referral for 20+ years

My family and I have lived in Chicago for 15 years and have always loved the hometown feeling of being a part of such a caring neighborhood. Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy has played a big part in that feeling of belonging. We have a large family and have always depended on the Pharmacy for all our prescriptions. What I feel makes the Pharmacy the most valuable to our community is its staff—they are like family. You are always greeted with a smile and by name. They seem to go out of their way to remember all the names of those who frequent them and when someone is new they are welcoming and most helpful. I truly believe Carnegie
Sargents is the heart of our Community.

Customer for 25+ years

Because of their unique selection and great service, Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy is my first stop for all my pharmacy needs. I never walk out with just one thing!

Customer for 21+ years

We moved to Chicago 12 years ago from a small town. The customer service we received from day one at Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy has been a source of joy… pharmacist Mark is always available to answer questions about both prescriptions and OTC medicine and has helped me through many a difficult situations.

Customer for 12+ years

My family and I have been customers of Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy since 2010. We have always used the large chain pharmacies in the past and although we received decent service we never got the personal attention that we get now. Each member of my family is greeted by name when we come in to pick up a prescription or just to shop around. I was in a panic one night after the pharmacy had closed. We had somehow forgotten to call in a prescription that would be running out the next day. I left a message in the emergency mailbox of phone Auto Attendant, 10 minutes later Pharmacist Mark called me back. He said not to worry and he would have it filled as soon as the pharmacy opened the next morning. The staff is always willing to go above and beyond for their customers and I know my family will be customers for life.

Customer for 5+ years

I can always count on Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy to help. I refer my patients to Carnegie for; prescriptions, compression garments, wound care items, etc. I can always depend on the team to act professionally. I especially like that they call me to clarify any questions they have about my care plans.

Dr. SG
Referral for 20+ years

Pharmacist Mark does a great job managing my patients. I know when I have a sensitive situation, I can depend on Mark and his staff to handle the patients delicately.

Dr. SD
Referral for 25+ years

I refer to Carnegie any client who wants extra assurance their personal health information is protected, I run a concierge practice and like working with pharmacist Mark because I know he has the same practice philosophy.

Dr. RG
Customer and Referral for 40+ years

I have been a customer of Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy in downtown Chicago for 25 years. I am grateful for the professionalism and kindness of the staff for all these years, and thoroughly recommend them to others.

Customer for 25+ years

“I love Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy! Ever since we moved to this community 5 years ago, I have enjoyed the convenience of having a pharmacy a block away. The pharmacist Mark is professional and helpful. My medications are ready when I come in, and I like the ease of renewing prescriptions by phone. They have everything I need and if they don’t they are happy to order it for me and it usually only takes one day. The staff is friendly, cheerful and willing to help.

Customer for 5+ years

Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy is one of the things I love most about Water Tower Place!

Customer for 2+ years

I knew Mark’s father Burt. Mark is doing a great job. I’m sure his father would be proud of him.

Customer for 50+ years

We are so fortunate to have Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy in our neighborhood. I feel strongly about the importance of shopping locally and Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy is one of the businesses I support frequently. The atmosphere in the pharmacy is extremely friendly and I am always greeted with a smile and a ‘hi’ from employees…If you live or work in the neighborhood, don’t miss an opportunity to stop and shop at the Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Customer for 20+ years

Thank you for your great service and friendly smiles :).

Customer for 3+ years

I think Carnegie Sargents Pharmacy is a wonderful pharmacy and has a lot to offer. The store is always clean and neat. Matt and Derek do a great job! They try very hard to help the customers in fast, efficient way. They know most of their customers by name.

Customer for 5+ years

The Water Tower Place is super fortunate to have a great pharmacy staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people. Everyone is awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

Customer for 20+ years

I can’t say enough good things about Carnegie Sargents pharmacy. Pharmacist Mark is extremely knowledgeable and his attention to detail spared my husband from an adverse effect when he caught a dosage error in the prescription that a doctor had written. The entire staff is always pleasant, helpful, and courteous. Truly outstanding!

Customer for 25+ years