The Story of Chicago’s Best Pharmacy

Chicago’s Best Pharmacy

Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy was picked as Chicago’s best pharmacy by Reader Magazine. “Any pharmacist can fill a bottle of pills. But third-generation pharmacist Mark Paley, director of Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy & Health Center, dispenses TLC” says Reader Magazine. We have a long history and story which instilled this type of customer service. We hope you enjoy learning more about our story.

Young Pharmacist Burton Paley

Carnegie Sargent's Pharmacy, Inc.

Carnegie Sargent’s is the offspring of two of Chicago’s oldest pharmacies: Sargent’s Drug Store, established in 1852 and John F. Carnegie Drug, founded in 1888.

Sargent’s Drug Store, which had its flagship store in downtown Chicago at the Marshall Field building for many, many years, got its start when Ezekiel H. Sargent, a young pharmacist from Boston, moved to Chicago to become a partner in a drug store that sold assaying and mining equipment to prospectors who passed through Chicago on their way West during the Gold Rush. A few years later, in 1852, Sargent bought out his partner’s share and renamed his store E.H. Sargent & Company, Inc. Sargent’s business thrived. Although the store was destroyed in the Chicago Fire (1871), Sargent’s re-opened further north in the downtown area where the business remained until the 1980’s when Burt Paley purchased Sargent’s and merged it into Water Tower Pharmacy.

150 Years in the Making

John F. Carnegie Drug was established in 1888, with its first home in The Blackstone Hotel. When the Drake Hotel was built in 1925, Carnegie Drug moved to the Drake where it remained in business for many years until 1992, when Burt Paley’s son, Mark, current owner of Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy, purchased it. Mark then bought his father’s business and merged all the entities together into one neighborhood pharmacy – Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy.

Ben Cooper, Burt Paley, and Marty Cooper

Pharmacy artifacts from mid 20th century

More than a traditional pharmacy

Recognizing the complimentary relationship between Nutrition, Fitness, Medication, Self-Care and optimal health, Mark has created a pharmacy-based health center.

Mark puts a heavy emphasis on building in quality assurances that allow the company and its providers to focus on the ultimate goal of optimizing health throughout every stage of life.

All products and services are designed to help clients help themselves, leading to greater functionality, personal freedom and positive self-perception.

Attention to Personal Needs

Care plans are developed to accommodate each client’s personal needs. Our Care Management team consists of friendly and compassionate professionals who are experienced in helping individuals and their families make important decisions related to available care.

Under our client’s direction, we will identify the specific needs and determine the appropriate resources to resolve those needs. We can coordinate the services and provide the support necessary to meet, and exceed all expectations. Our goal is to make our clients and their families feel comfortable with their healthcare decisions.

Pharmacist Mark Paley 2015